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Do you make all your products?

All of our art prints are printed by myself in my at home art studio. We also work with Printful, who print our designs on demand on a whole host of products, from TShirts to stickers!


Why is my shipping so much?

Some of our products are fulfilled in Scotland by myself and shipped by Royal Mail. Some of our products are printed and fulfilled by Printful who have separate shipping costs from their international fulfilment centres. I have tried to take on as much of the cost as I can to help keep prices low for you, but unfortunately if you order products from both myself and Printful, there will be the combined cost of shipping. We have however managed to keep shipping free on all TShirts.


Can I get this design as a tattoo?

If it’s for sale on our website, the answer will likely be yes, but we would ask that if you can afford a tattoo, can you please tip us at our Ko-Fi page? If you have seen a piece of our artwork elsewhere and are unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Unfortunately we can not give permission for you to get someone else’s commission as a tattoo.


Can I buy my commission as an art print / TShirt / sticker?

We can absolutely provide an art print for you at an additional cost, either purchased with or after your commission payment. We are looking into ways to offer customer designs on TShirts so stay tuned!