What We Do!

Jennifer Elder Art offers custom pin up art commissions, transforming you into your very own pinup cartoon! Whether it be for t-shirts & merch, or business logos, even just for a gift for yourself, we will be able to create the pin up of your dreams! This process is entirely tailored to you, working through each step to ensure that it exactly as you envision it! We can work from photos, descriptions, or even just a vague idea. From here we create a sketch, run it by you, and can tweak it or carry it through to completion, either way you will be involved in the process from start to finish!


Personal Use - £65 GBP
Commercial Use - £85 GBP

Price is for 1 figure with a simple background.

Additional figure is £50 GBP.

To add in your tattoos to your piece there is an additional charge of £10 - £20 GBP depending on the amount of tattoos and level of detail required. This is quoted per design.


We now offer Budget Commissions!

Suitable for use as profile pictures for either personal or business use. One square 3250 x 3250px JPEG provided.



  • Bust up depiction.
  • Identifying features such as beauty spots, iconic make up and facial / ear piercings.
  • Jewellery such as chokers, necklaces and earrings.
  • Choice of hairstyle and top.

Not included:

  • Elaborate tattoos.
  • Full body.
  • Right to reproduce for profit.
  • Physical art print.


Artistic Yay’s & Nay’s


  • Pin Up’s / Retro / Vintage
  • Bimbo / Bimbofication / Sissyfication / Feminization
  • Goth / Horror
  • LGBTQ+
  • Moderate kink, BDSM & NSFW
  • Burlesque, Boudoir, Drag
  • Most likely more not listed


  • NFT’s
  • Severe gore / body horror
  • Racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and all other derogatory themes.
  • Cars
  • People & Characters under 18



How do I get started? Just get in touch! Just head to our Contact Us page to get started!
How much does it cost? For a personal piece, it is £65 GBP, a commercial piece is £85 GBP.
I don't have any photos of me I'd like to use, can I still get a pin up? We can take bits and pieces from different photographs to create the final piece, we rarely work from one finished photograph. We do still need a few photos to ensure a likeness to you / whoever the piece is of.
Can you copy this piece I seen on pinterest/instagram/etc? Short answer; No. Long answer; Definitely not. We will not replicate another artists piece under any circumstances. Our only exclusion to this is if you wish to have your own tattoos featured on your pin up.
Can I use my piece to make money from? Yes, if you purchase your piece as a commercial piece. We charge an additional £20 to allow you to use your piece with your business, however we do not ask for anymore than that, and you are welcome to use and make as much money from it as you like!
Can you create merchandise for me? At present we can only produce art prints, which if you are interested in, please get in touch. We we will of course help you with producing any other merchandise any way we can!
Do I get a physical print included? Prints are not included by default, however you can purchase an add-on.
When do I have to pay? We politely ask that you pay upfront, otherwise your piece will not progress past a sketch without payment.
Can I post my piece on Instagram/Facebook/Social Media? Of course!! We just ask that where you can that you would tag us, and that you do not claim you have drawn the piece yourself.
Is my piece going to be in a vector file format? At Jennifer Elder Art we use Procreate to draw up our pieces, which is not a vector format, however we can export your piece in either a PNG, JPEG, PSD, PDF or TIFF format.

Commission Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a commission piece, you are agreeing to the below Terms & Conditions.

All artwork remains property of Jennifer Elder Art until full payment is received. Full payment is required upon agreement of an initial sketch.
Files will not be released until payment is received.
Jennifer Elder Art may feature your commission on either our online portfolio, Instagram, or other examples of our work, however if you do not wish for your piece to be used as such, it is your responsibility to make us aware.
You may use the piece for profit and commercial uses, so long as it is agreed with Jennifer Elder Art, and you have payed the appropriate costs. Should you use the piece for profit without such permissions, Jennifer Elder Art reserves the right to ask for the additional £20 charge, or terminate your right to use the image if you object.
When you purchase a commission for profit you are entitled to reproduce the piece as many times as you wish for an unlimited return.
If for your commission, whether not for profit or for profit, you wish for us to replicate an image from a photo shoot, we can do so, however we do so under the impression you have permission to use the image for this purpose. It is your responsibility and your responsibility alone to obtain permission from your photographer.
Jennifer Elder Art reserves the right to refuse a commission, and will not accept one that depicts any sort of racist, homophobic, transphobic or other discriminatory themes.
Jennifer Elder Art refuses to under any circumstances replicate artwork from another artist. However we will replicate any personal tattoos you wish you to have featured on your pin up.
Commissions are non-refundable, however should you be unhappy with your piece please get in touch and we will happily correct it to your satisfaction. Monies will only be refunded should Jennifer Elder Art be unable to complete the commission, or Jennifer Elder Art terminates the contract.
Jennifer Elder Art reserves the right to terminate your use of the piece should you be using it irresponsibly or in a way that may negatively affect the reputation of Jennifer Elder Art.